Canada Can Help Deliver on North American Clean Energy Target






June 29, 2016

OTTAWA—Today the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico committed to advance clean energy and integration of energy resources, including renewables, by setting a goal of 50 per cent clean power generation in North America by 2025. They also committed to support the development of cross-border transmission projects, including for renewable electricity, and to conduct a joint study on the opportunities and impacts of adding more renewables to the power grid on a North American basis.

The Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity applauds the efforts of Prime Minister Trudeau, President Obama and President Peña Nieto to capitalize on the important economic and environmental opportunities provided by increased use of renewable electricity.


“Having North America’s leaders make increased use of clean energy a priority clearly recognizes Canada’s renewable energy potential and illustrates how exporting some of that potential is good for Canada and North America, both environmentally and economically.”
Jacob Irving, Canadian Hydropower Association 

“To build on today’s announcement a clear next step for Prime Minister Trudeau will be to work with provincial and territorial governments to develop a renewable electricity export strategy that capitalizes on Canada’s abundance of renewable energy resources.”
Robert Hornung, Canadian Wind Energy Association 

“Today’s commitment to support cross-border transmission projects is welcome news and will enable Canada to benefit from increased clean electricity exports, while enabling American states to more readily fulfill their obligations under the Clean Power Plan.”
John Gorman, Canadian Solar Industries Association 

“This is a positive step towards the creation of a broader international strategy to address policy barriers and increase the export of Canadian renewable electricity, technologies, services and products to markets around the world.”
Elisa Obermann, Marine Renewables Canada


  • In 2014, 64.5 per cent of Canadian electricity generation came from renewable energy resources (Natural Resources Canada)
  • The United States’ Clean Power Plan allows states to count imports from non-emitting sources toward their targets if the sources were developed after 2012 (National Energy Board)
  • Canadian exports to the U.S. could see a three-fold increase as a result of the Clean Power Plan’s implementation (North American Electric Reliability Corporation)
  • Canadian electricity exports surpassed previous records in 2015, with net export volumes of almost 60 terawatt hours (TW.h) and net export revenues of $2.8 billion. (National Energy Board)



Jacob Irving
President, Canadian Hydropower Association