Tidal power playing a role in Canada’s transition to a clean-growth economy

November 22, 2016

capesharp-deploymentToday Cape Sharp Tidal announced that its recent deployment of a 2 MW tidal turbine at the Fundy Ocean Research Center (FORCE) in the Bay of Fundy is successfully delivering electricity to the Nova Scotia grid – a first for the tidal energy sector in Canada.

“This is a huge milestone for our marine renewable energy sector – demonstrating that tidal energy will play a role in Canada’s transition from fossil fuels to a low-carbon future,” says Marine Renewables Canada executive director, Elisa Obermann. “It comes at a time when our federal government is looking for solutions to achieve its climate change action goals. Tidal energy is now closer to being one of those solutions.”

This achievement comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement by the federal government to accelerate the transition from coal power to clean energy by 2030. Accomplishing this goal will require more renewable electricity for heat, transportation, and industrial needs. To support this transition, the federal government will use the new Canada Infrastructure Bank to invest in clean energy development and critical infrastructure.

“The federal government’s commitment to accelerate clean energy development and optimize the electricity system is a positive step that will support the future growth of Canada’s marine renewable energy sector,” says Obermann. “With untapped wave, tidal, and river current energy resources across the country, advances in technology, a growing supply chain, and a solid research foundation, the marine renewable energy sector is poised for action.”