Webinar: Pursuing innovation for the marine renewable energy industry – Funding opportunities

Marine Renewables Canada hosted a webinar on July 7th – Pursuing innovation for the marine renewable energy industry – Funding opportunities.” to assist Canadian companies to learn more about Canadian funding programs that could potentially support businesses and researchers in bringing new products or services to market.

For your convenience, we have compiled the presentations or presenter contact information from the webinar:

• Stephen Dempsey, Executive Director, Offshore Energy Research association (OERA) – Presentation

• Anne Louise Dauphinee, Account Manager, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) – Contact Information

• Susan Simpson, Manager – IRAP Operations and Finance, National Research Council (NRC-IRAP) – Presentation

• Flora Livesey, Advisor – SD Tech Fund, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) – Presentation


The growing marine renewable energy sector (tidal, wave, and river current energy) presents numerous opportunities for businesses and researchers to apply expertise, transfer technology, develop innovations, and find solutions required by local and global markets. There are many new technologies and innovations required to advance the industry, but supporting and funding these types of projects can be challenging.  

This webinar introduced companies to some funding programs that may have the potential to support a project or concept your business or organization is pondering. Webinar participants learned about funding programs and parameters from the following organizations:

What was be covered?

  • Objectives of funding programs
  • Eligibility and applicability to marine renewable energy-related projects
  • Guidelines and application process
  • Funding allocations/amounts

Background Information

For more information about what kind of business opportunities are emerging in the marine renewable energy sector, please view Business Opportunities from Marine Renewable Energy Development and Project Lifecycle Needs (2012) 

More ways to get involved 

Over the course of 2015, Marine Renewables Canada will be leading webinars, workshops and information sessions aimed at engaging, informing, and supporting potential supply chain businesses and expertise in the emerging opportunities presented by tidal energy development. 

Focused Workshops:

Marine Renewables Canada will be holding a series of workshops that explore critical project/supply chain opportunities in the development of tidal energy projects. Businesses and researchers will have the opportunity to learn more about developers’ specific requirements and to showcase their applicable skills to help address challenges and find solutions. Workshop focus areas will encompass project areas such as: seabed characterization, marine operations, and environmental monitoring. Others TBD. 

Our first workshop in this series, Seabed Characterization for High-flow Tidal Sites: Geotechnical technologies, methods, and solutions, was held in late May. For more details please click here. 

If you’re interested in attending future workshops, please contact Amanda White at amanda@marinerenewables.ca. 

About Marine Renewables Canada

Marine Renewables Canada is the country’s wave, tidal, and river current energy association representing technology and project developers, utilities, researchers, and the energy and marine supply chain. Since 2004, the organization has worked to identify and foster collaborative opportunities, provide information and education, and represent the best interests of the sector to advance the development of a marine renewable energy industry in Canada that can be globally competitive.

For more information about the association please visit: www.marinerenwables.ca