CSA Group – Formation of Technical Committee on Electrical Energy Storage

Increasing use of renewable energy, smart grid, and demands for efficient electricity are leading to more use of electrical energy storage (EES) to increase the supply of electricity demands during peak loads and capture excess energy produced during low load situations.  The IEC had recently issued a ballot with a proposal to establish a new Technical Committee for EES Systems.

The IEC proposal intends to look at grid integrated EES at a system level and address system issues while leaving the individual technologies to the appropriate Technical Committees.

This proposal, fits with CSA Group’s mandate and portfolio encompassing electrical safety, environment and alternative energy.  We are prepared to provide technical and administrative resource to the SCC Mirror Committee, the IEC TC and a Canadian TC and as a result, we are forming a TC on Electrical Energy Storage. 

If you have an interest to serve on the Committee, or if you know of someone who would be interested, please contact Muktha Tumkur, Program Manager – Renewable Energy at muktha.tumkur@csagroup.org or 416-747-4045.  

For your information and review, CLICK HERE for the IEC proposal.