Our Vision

Marine renewables are accelerating Canada’s clean energy transformation.

Our Mission

To champion Canada’s growing marine renewable energy sector through advocacy, engagement, and education and expand market opportunities across the country and globally.

Our Work

Marine Renewables Canada is the national association for tidal, offshore wind, wave and river current energy, representing a membership of technology and project developers, suppliers, utilities, Indigenous organizations, researchers, and communities.

Since 2004, the association has worked to build the sector by advocating for supportive policies, identifying domestic and international business development opportunities for its members, facilitating collaboration amongst its membership and broader ecosystem, providing education and outreach, and disseminating market intelligence. As part of its focus on developing the sector, Marine Renewables Canada is active in catalyzing opportunities for how marine renewable energy can contribute to achieving decarbonization goals through the production of green fuels such as hydrogen, as well as displacement of diesel in remote communities and marine industries.

Marine Renewables Canada was successful in collaborating with governments, industry, and researchers to deliver a roadmap for the industry in 2011, influencing the creation of enabling policies, and advocating for inclusion of marine renewable energy in funding and programs. The association has also successfully led numerous international and domestic engagement efforts including trade missions, supply chain development initiatives, and stakeholder engagement activities.