New Brunswick Marine Renewable Energy Engagement Event – Presentations

On July 16th, Marine Renewables Canada hosted a marine renewable energy engagement event in St. Andrews New Brunswick that brought together government, community, academic and industry stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges of developing tidal power in the region. The morning consisted of short presentations followed by Q & A/discussion.

We have compiled the presentations from that event for your information:

– Opening Remarks and industry overview
Graham Curren, Chair, Marine Renewables Canada
– Overview of the Nova Scotia’s MRE Strategy Progress and Next Steps
Sandra Farwell, Director, Sustainable and Renewable Energy, Nova Scotia Department of Energy
– The Value Proposition for Tidal Energy
Stephen Dempsey, Executive Director, Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA)
– Cape Sharp Tidal projects in Bay of Fundy
Jeremy Poste, Canada Country Manager, OpenHydro Technology Canada
– Community Ownership Models for Tidal Energy
Dana Morin, Director of Business Development, Fundy Tidal Inc.
– Progress and next steps at Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE)
Matt Lumley, Communications Director, FORCE
– Update from New Brunswick
Heather Quinn, Director of Energy, New Brunswick Department of  Energy & Mines & Ken Kinney, Manager Planning Section, Crown Lands Branch, New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources

The emergence of a global marine renewable energy industry presents new opportunities for Atlantic Canada. The opportunity for early participation and market entry is most immediate within the advancing tidal energy developments around the Bay of Fundy: industrial-scale projects at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) and community based projects led by Fundy Tidal Inc. A major part of developing these projects and developing Canadian expertise and advantage will be the involvement of local businesses and researchers.

The event was graciously sponsored by:

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