Webinar: Building the marine renewable energy supply chain – an introduction to local and global opportunities

Marine Renewables Canada held a webinar on May 13th to assist participants in learning more about how they can get involved in the global marine renewable energy industry through near-term activities in Canada.  The webinar was titled: “Building the marine renewable energy supply chain – an introduction to local and global opportunities” 

For your convenience, we have compiled some follow-up documents for your reference:

Presentations: Presentations from Elisa Obermann, Marine Renewables Canada and – Toby Balch & Melissa Oldreive, Nova Scotia Department of Energy

Webinar Q & A: During last week’s webinar we collected all of the questions asked and answers from the presenters

Marine Renewable Energy References: Links to organizations and information mentioned during the workshop

Below are the original details of the webinar:

The growing marine renewable energy sector (tidal, wave, and river current energy) presents numerous opportunities for businesses and researchers to apply expertise, transfer technology, develop innovations, and find solutions required by local and global markets. The global potential of this emerging industry is significant, with ~750 GW of worldwide potential resulting in up to $900-$1000 billion in expenditures.

Getting involved in early local projects is a key competitive advantage and a path to accessing global export opportunities. The opportunity for early participation and market entry is most immediate within the advancing tidal energy developments around the Bay of Fundy where world’s leading project and technology developers are working: large-scale projects at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) and community based projects led by Fundy Tidal Inc. Over the next 5 years, 20 MW of tidal energy is expected to be developed in Nova Scotia resulting in approximately $175M in expenditures. The longer-term goal is 300+ MW post-2020, opening up more opportunities for early movers.

These projects will require local suppliers and expertise. Firms who have experience in related areas (e.g. ocean technology, marine operations, traditional hydro, offshore oil and gas, etc.) have capabilities that can and have been already applied to the tidal energy developments in the Bay of Fundy.

What will be covered?

  • Introduction to marine renewable energy technologies and resources
  • State of the industry (globally, nationally, locally) and emerging opportunities
  • A review of “who’s who” in upcoming Canadian projects
  • Future of the industry – what are the goals and timelines?
  • Industry supply chain needs and critical priorities

CLICK HERE for the webinar agenda

Who should attend?

  • Businesses and researchers with expertise in related sectors (ex. ocean technology, marine operations, offshore oil and gas, traditional hydro, etc.)
  • Anyone with an interest in marine renewable energy who is either currently involved or wants to learn more.

Background Information
For more information about what kind of business opportunities are emerging in the marine renewable energy sector, please view Business Opportunities from Marine Renewable Energy Development and Project Lifecycle Needs (2012)

Over the course of 2015, Marine Renewables Canada will be leading webinars, workshops and information sessions aimed at engaging, informing, and supporting potential supply chain businesses and expertise in the emerging opportunities presented by tidal energy development.

Focused Workshops
Marine Renewables Canada will be holding a series of workshops that explore critical project/supply chain opportunities in the development of tidal energy projects. Businesses and researchers will have the opportunity to learn more about developers’ specific requirements and to showcase their applicable skills to help address challenges and find solutions. Workshop focus areas will encompass project areas such as: seabed characterization, marine operations, and environmental monitoring. Others TBD.

Workshop #1 will be focused on Seabed Characterization for High-flow Tidal Sites: Geotechnical technologies, methods, and solutions (May 26, 2015 – Halifax – The Prince George Hotel). Space will be limited and priority will be given to businesses/organizations that have relevant expertise in the topic area. If you’re interested in attending Workshop #1 or future workshops, please contact Amanda White at amanda@marinerenewables.ca.