News Release: Building Nova Scotia’s Tidal Power Supply Chain

New Sessions Engage Local Companies to Participate in Marine Renewable Energy Projects

May 21, 2015 – Halifax, N.S. – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Tidal energy projects are taking off in the Bay of Fundy. Marine Renewables Canada (MRC) is offering workshops in locations across Nova Scotia for companies interested in exploring opportunities in the tidal energy supply chain. Three levels of government have partnered to contribute more than $100,000 to the initiative.

Nova Scotia—with its strategy for tidal power development in the Bay of Fundy—is considered a world leader in the marine renewable energy sector. Since 2006, considerable attention and resources have been focused on researching and developing in-stream tidal energy in Nova Scotia. The deployment of multiple turbines signals the next phase of development. This will help determine the viability of extracting energy from tides, converting it and transmitting it to the power grid. It is anticipated that Canada will be one of the first countries to establish tidal array projects.

To build on the momentum of tidal energy projects in the Bay of Fundy, MRC has been working to assess the needs of local project developers—including Fundy Tidal Inc., Minas Energy, Black Rock Tidal Power Inc., Atlantis Operations Canada and Cape Sharp Tidal Venture. The goal is to identify Atlantic Canadian suppliers who can meet tidal energy development requirements through expertise in ocean technology, marine operations and offshore oil and gas. Beginning this month, MRC is delivering a series of webinars, in-person workshops and community open houses to potential suppliers. In addition to providing information, the sessions will connect local suppliers with international developers. The sessions will take place throughout 2015, in locations across Nova Scotia including Halifax, Digby and Parrsboro.

The Government of Canada is investing $46,105 through ACOA’s Innovative Communities Fund (ICF) to support the marine renewable energy supplier engagement and development initiative. The Government of Nova Scotia is investing $45,000 through the Department of Energy. Municipal support includes $10,000 from the Municipality of the County of Cumberland and $4,000 from the Digby Development Agency which comprises the Municipality of the District of Digby and the Town of Digby.

Quick Facts:

  • Established in 2004, MRC is a national industry association whose mission is to align industry, academia and government to ensure that Canada is a leader in providing ocean energy solutions to a world market.
  • MRC comprises approximately 100 members, including technology and project developers, utilities, researchers and the energy and marine supply chain.
  • Bay of Fundy tides push more than 160 billion tonnes of water twice a day—more than four times the combined flow of every freshwater river in the world.
  • The Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) is grid-connected with a 64 MW capacity, giving it the largest electrical capacity of any in-stream tidal site in the world.
  • Nova Scotia has some of the most attractive feed-in tariffs (FITs) in the world for tidal energy, targeted at both community-based projects and larger-scale development.
  • In 2014, Halifax, Nova Scotia hosted the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE). This was the first time the conference was ever held outside of Europe.


“Jobs and economic growth remain our Government’s top priorities. Economic Action Plan 2015 supports our job creation commitment by making Canada more competitive and helping job-creating businesses prosper. Our investment today in Marine Renewables Canada reflects that commitment by empowering businesses in Cumberland County and beyond to compete and thrive within the tidal energy sector.”

     – Scott Armstrong, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister of Labour and Member of Parliament for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)

“The tidal energy sector represents enormous opportunities for businesses in Digby County and across Atlantic Canada. Our Government is pleased to invest in a marine renewable energy supplier engagement strategy to help local businesses embrace those opportunities now and in the years to come.”

     – Greg Kerr, Member of Parliament for West Nova, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)

“Nova Scotia is home to a growing ocean technology sector and some of the best marine researchers in the world. The tidal sector has great potential in creating a renewable energy source as well as creating even more economic activity and ocean-related expertise here in Nova Scotia. This initiative positions local companies to tap into the growing tidal energy supply chain, creating opportunities for expertise and export in our communities.”

     – The Honourable Michel Samson, Minister of Energy

“In our experience, these types of partnerships are very successful in that they bring together a wealth of experience and expertise from different levels of government that want to see success based on the same goals. We thank Marine Renewables Canada for providing the leadership on this project and we look forward to working with the Tidal Power industry leaders and government partners”

     – Rennie Bugley, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of the County of Cumberland and Chairperson of the Cumberland Energy Authority

“The Municipality of the District of Digby has been a strong proponent of tidal development. Digby is poised to help the supply chain component of the industry to develop and flourish. Digby is open for business when it comes to assisting developers bringing their projects to fruition.”

     – Linda Gregory, Warden, Municipality of the District of Digby

“The Town of Digby is proud to contribute to this exciting project, which will assist the industry as it develops, grows and creates partnerships for success. We applaud MRC and their efforts to lead this important initiative.”

     – Ben Cleveland, Mayor, Town of Digby

“With expertise from the marine, offshore energy, and ocean technology sectors, Canadian businesses and organizations are well suited to provide expertise to tidal energy projects. Getting involved in these early Bay of Fundy projects will help build the industry in Canada and position early movers for global market opportunities.”

     – Elisa Obermann, Executive Director, Marine Renewables Canada

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