Membership with Marine Renewables Canada means that you stay connected are part of the forum for companies and organizations active in Canada’s marine renewable energy sector. 

Our members are leaders in Canada’s marine renewable energy industry. They range from small businesses developing new generating devices or enabling technologies to utilities and multinational corporations.

As a member of Marine Renewables Canada you will demonstrate your interest in the opportunity represented in marine renewable energy development. As one of around 100 other organizations, you will be seen as a leader in the world’s largest dedicated marine renewables association. Our diverse and significant membership is seen as creating a strong voice of support and advocacy for the marine renewable energy industry in Canada, and around the world. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with other members and use Marine Renewables Canada’s network of domestic and international contacts to gain market intelligence and keep on the forefront of activities in Canada and globally.

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Members benefit from the following activities:

Business Development & Networking
For the sector to advance, it is critical to connect key players and identify potential business and collaborative opportunities. Marine Renewables Canada provides networking opportunities with industry players through an Annual Conference as well as other smaller focused events throughout the year. We also work to gain market intelligence by working with our contacts and networks to identify opportunities domestically and internationally.

Policy Development, Engagement & Advocacy
We work to engage government, the public, non-governmental organizations, and stakeholders to ensure marine renewable energy is a critical component of Canada’s economic, energy and environmental agenda. To that end, we examine policy issues on an on-going basis, develop and advocate for key proposals to remove barriers, and ensure our members’ voices are heard.

Fostering Collaboration & Innovation
We believe that Canada has a real opportunity to be a leader in the global market by innovating and developing solutions here that can address needs and challenges everywhere. Marine Renewables Canada works with its members to identify critical needs for the industry and facilitates development of working groups or initiatives to bring members who have challenges together with those who may be able to provide solutions. This work is crucial in reducing cost and risk, accelerating innovation and maximizing benefits to Canada.

Communications & Marketing
As marine renewable energy is an emerging energy source and opportunity, there is an ongoing effort to communicate the opportunities, benefits, and facts around developing wave, tidal current and in-stream river energy. Marine Renewables Canada’s communications and marketing efforts are geared towards promotion, education, awareness, and community building. Through our website and social media we work to have the most up to date and extensive information on marine renewable energy available. We also compile a regular mailing identifying upcoming events and opportunities, industry insights, and emerging news. To further outreach efforts, Marine Renewables Canada also regularly participates in speaking events, conferences, and workshops to provide information on marine renewable energy and associated opportunities.

Membership Levels and Details

Marine Renewables Canada members receive all of the benefits of the association’s past, present, and future work along with individual benefits tailored to your organization’s current needs, market strategy, and activities.

Memberships run for the calendar year; members that join in November or later will be carried over until the following year.

To view our comprehensive membership package including a description of membership levels and associated benefits, please contact Amanda White at [email protected] or 902-717-0716.

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