Marine Renewables Canada launches education initiative ‘Our Current Future’

HALIFAX, NS. OCTOBER 28, 2021 – In the lead up to COP26 and in response to the need for more clean electricity to meet net-zero by 2050 targets, Marine Renewables Canada has launched “Our Current Future,” an initiative aimed at providing education about renewable energy from tides and rivers.

As Canada addresses climate change and works to reduce emissions by moving away from using fossil fuels, studies have shown that it will need upwards of two to three times the amount of clean electricity currently being generated. While solar, wind, and hydro will generate much of that new clean electricity, Canada will need a full sweep of renewable resources, technologies, and solutions.

Tidal and river energy technologies offer a clean electricity solution that has been largely untapped. Unlike dams, which span entire waterways and force water through a turbine, tidal and river stream devices use the natural, passive flow of water. They can be installed, and removed, one by one.

“Tidal and river resources can play an important role in Canada’s clean energy future – they are predictable and reliable forms of energy that can allow for greater use of intermittent renewable resources and they can also be used instead of diesel to power remote communities. But, as new technologies, they are not yet widely used or recognized as a clean electricity option,” said Elisa Obermann, executive director of Marine Renewables Canada. “This initiative is aimed at sharing information about how the technologies work, the benefits of developing the resources, and what we know so far about how they interact in the marine environment.”

The ‘Our Current Future’ initiative includes a microsite with facts and links to information about tidal and river energy, as well as a newsletter that will allow subscribers to stay up to date on tidal and river energy research, technology, and projects.

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About Marine Renewables Canada

Marine Renewables Canada is the country’s tidal, offshore wind, wave and river current energy association representing technology and project developers, utilities, researchers, and the energy and marine supply chain. Since 2004, the organization has worked to identify and foster collaborative opportunities, provide information and education, and represent the best interests of the sector to advance the development of a marine renewable energy industry in Canada that can be globally competitive.

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