Interested in learning more about offshore wind?
You ask the questions. We’ll find the expert to help answer them.

Curious to know more about offshore wind – how it’s going to happen, who’s involved, what’s at stake, and how it will affect your business, industry or community? Marine Renewables Canada is launching its Ask an Expert educational webinar series to address the big questions surrounding offshore wind in Canada. 

Drawing upon lessons learned from mature markets globally, Ask an Expert will connect anyone interested in offshore wind with leading experts in areas like development, operations, technologies, environmental effects, and more. Together, we’ll get a clearer picture of how Canada’s offshore wind industry will look by discussing key topics using the best available and latest science.

This webinar series is for anyone who has an interest in offshore wind. And because of that, we want YOU to help us create it.

What are your burning questions when it comes to offshore wind? What topics are most important to you? Based on the questions and ideas we receive, we will find experts locally, nationally and globally to help answer your questions and provide education on key offshore wind topics.

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