Mark your calendar: Marine Renewables Canada’s 2020 Lineup

Events & services to support Canada’s marine renewable energy sector

Every year, Marine Renewables Canada (MRC) hosts a number of events and trade missions to support its members’ business efforts and facilitate advancement of the marine renewable energy sector. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, this year is obviously much different for all of us. We have been planning and pivoting our activities to ensure that we can deliver services and events that support the industry, while making health and safety a top priority.

Now that restrictions are being eased, we are excited to announce that we will be offering a mix of both virtual and in-person activities that will be launched over the remainder of 2020! All in-person events will adhere to the most current public health directives which means smaller gatherings, physical distancing, etc. – but we are thrilled to create an opportunity for our members, industry, and stakeholders to connect face-to-face in the near future!

MRC Connect App – COMING SOON!

With fewer opportunities to meet in person and conduct business development opportunities, MRC has created a new tool to allow members to connect virtually. This summer, MRC will be launching an app for members that will allow them to directly engage in informal networking and relationship-building with other members, identify local, national, and international business opportunities, and profile their capabilities. More details to come soon.

Nautical Networking Event | August 13, 2020 – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Join us for our annual summer event on the Tall Ship Silva. This will be a wonderful evening featuring a cruise on Halifax Harbour, live music, and an opportunity to re-connect with colleagues!

Event size is limited to the maximum capacity the Silva can hold with required gathering limits and physical distancing requirements implemented. Registration will open on July 6th and will initially be available to MRC members only. Non-member ticket sales will open August 1st.

Contact Amanda White for more information on sponsorship opportunities: or 902-717-0716

 Marine Renewables Canada Golf Tournament | September 17, 2020 – Grandview Golf & Country Club, Westphal, Nova Scotia

We’ll be hosting our first ever golf tournament, creating an opportunity to make connections and build relationships with professionals across marine, offshore, and energy industries. Join us for a day out on the green followed by a BBQ dinner.

Event size will adhere to current gathering limits and physical distancing requirements. Registration will open on July 13, 2020. Contact Amanda White for more information on sponsorship opportunities: or 902-717-0716

Fall Forum & Info Sessions | October & November – Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia; other event locations TBD

We recognize that this is a challenging year to host large events. To address limitations and ensure that we are supporting our members and industry across the country MRC will be hosting a series of smaller events in lieu of an annual conference. These will include a Fall Forum in Halifax on November 5th, with both virtual and in-person attendance options. We are also planning on hosting a series of smaller events in different locations to provide information about opportunities in the marine renewable energy sector. More details to come soon.

 All of these activities are designed to be flexible to any changes in public health directives. With uncertainty and challenges created by the pandemic, MRC is committed to delivering services and events in the best interest of our members and the sector.

We will be providing updates on all of our activities frequently. Please visit our website for more information about each activity at

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

2018 State of the Sector Report: Marine Renewable Energy in Canada

Marine renewable energy is largely an untapped resource, with the potential to provide new energy, economic, and environmental benefits for Canada. Harnessing the power of the tides, waves, offshore wind and rivers can provide a clean, sustainable electricity source, contribute to action on climate change, spur industrial growth by capitalizing on skills and assets already present in other sectors, and create a game-changing opportunity for remote communities – many of which continue to rely on imported diesel to generate electricity.

Call for Nominations – 2018 Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors Elections – Call for Nominations


(CLICK HERE for a PDF of the below details)

The Marine Renewables Canada Board of Directors is comprised of nine directors from across Canada, representing the interests of companies and organizations working in wave, tidal, and river current energy. Marine Renewables Canada aims to have a diverse Board, with representation from across Canada and expertise from across the sector. Board terms are for three years.

There are THREE (3) seats open for the 2018 Board of Directors:
– Two (2) Seats open – Western Canadian* members
– One (1) Seat open – Open to all members

* Western Canadian members include those that are located in the Western Canadian provinces or are currently active in marine renewable energy development in a Western Canadian province. This year’s Call for Nominations is allocating two seats solely to Western Canadian members in order to ensure a balance of representation on the Marine Renewables Canada Board of Directors. As a national association, it is critical that the Board represents the interest and activity of the sector across Canada.


The Call for Nominations, beginning September 6th, will run until September 29th. Nominations will be conducted electronically (via email). Any Full Member or Marine Energy Leader Member, whose dues are current, is eligible to nominate individuals who wish to run in the election. Self-nominations are eligible.

Nominations will also be taken from the floor during the Annual General Meeting on November 8th (CLICK HERE for more AGM details), although it is highly recommended that you send nominations in early to ensure that they are part of the electronic voting process and therefore, reach the most of people.

Anyone running for a Director position must be a member of the association.

How to Nominate (DEADLINE IS SEPT 29th):
To nominate an individual or self-nominate, please email, and include nominee’s full name, title, company, contact information including email and phone. A confirmation will be sent to you verifying receipt and acceptance of the nomination. When nominating, you must clearly state whether your nomination is for one of the two western seats or the one open seat.

All Nominees will be required to provide a one-page bio on themselves for the purposes of the election.  These will be distributed to members when voting opens.

Voting will be carried out from October 4th to October 27th and will also be conducted electronically (via email). Any Full Member or Marine Energy Champion/Leader Member whose dues are current is eligible to vote.

For questions, please contact Amanda White at / (902) 717-0716

Marine Renewables Canada leads trade mission to Ireland

This week Canadian representatives of the growing marine renewable energy industry will showcase the sector’s expertise and capabilities to an international audience in Cork, Ireland. Marine Renewables Canada, with support from the Government of Canada and Government of Nova Scotia, is leading a trade mission of 32 delegates to the 4th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC), an event that is increasingly playing a role in building research and business partnerships.

Since a Canadian delegation last attended EWTEC in Nantes, France in 2015, significant strides have taken place in the Canadian marine renewable energy industry that establish Canadians as one of the leaders in the global industry.

“Canadian companies and researchers have been building experience and expertise through research, deployments, and demonstrations across Canada and internationally,” said Elisa Obermann, Executive Director of Marine Renewables Canada. “Many of the delegates attending EWTEC are involved in Cape Sharp Tidal’s project in the Bay of Fundy, wave energy R&D in British Columbia, and river current energy demonstrations in Manitoba. The mission provides an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, build relationships, and highlight the strengths of Canada’s marine renewable energy sector.”

EWTEC is a steadily growing event, now attracting about 600 participants. Through participation in conference presentations, a pavilion, and side business and networking events the mission will serve to showcase Canada’s strengths, attract investment, and help participating organizations develop potential business and research relationships in the global industry.  This mission is part of the Government of Canada and the Government of Nova Scotia’s efforts to support trade and investment through the Atlantic Growth Strategy.

The following organizations are participating in the mission to Cork:

  • Acadia Tidal Energy Institute
  • Axys Technologies Inc.
  • Blu-tility
  • Cape Sharp Tidal Venture
  • Cascadia Coast Research Ltd.
  • Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre
  • Dalhousie University
  • Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd.
  • Envigour
  • Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy
  • Glas Ocean Electric
  • Mersey Consulting
  • Nova Scotia Department of Energy
  • Offshore Energy Research Association
  • Rockland Scientific

More details about the 2017 European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference can be viewed at:




Media contact:   Amanda White

Marine Renewables Canada


FORCE Job Posting: Environmental Programs Director



Closes: Friday, June 30, 2017 (4:00PM ADT)

FORCE is currently seeking an Environmental Programs Director to lead all components of its Environmental Program, including environmental effects monitoring, permitting and approvals. Must be willing to travel, and the successful candidate may identify either Parrsboro or Halifax, NS as a primary work site. Please read the job description before applying and email your resume and letter of introduction in confidence to with the subject header “Environmental Programs Director”

RELEASE: Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity rolls out vision for clean growth and climate change





Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity rolls out vision for clean growth and climate change


December 9, 2016

OTTAWA—Canada’s abundant renewable electricity resources offer the country a competitive advantage in global efforts to cut carbon pollution and deliver clean growth, and can power our economy as it shifts from fossil fuels to clean energy.

That’s the core message in the vision laid out by the Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity in advance of today’s First Ministers Meeting on clean growth and climate change.

To deliver on Canada’s potential to harness the environmental and economic benefits of renewable electricity, the report—Canada’s Advantage: A Vision for Renewable Electricity in Canada —offers the following recommendations:

  1. Aim for a zero-carbon electricity grid by 2050. Implement policies to phase-out practically all emitting generation sources by 2050 and ensure the sustained growth of the share of generation produced by renewable sources.
  2. Shifting from fossil fuels to clean electricity. Commit to increasing the use of electricity in our energy system to over 50 per cent of all energy used in Canada by 2050, by shifting from fossil fuels to clean electricity for buildings, transportation and industry.
  3. A renewable energy export strategy. Prioritize the development of a renewable energy export strategy, including work on streamlining of cross-border transmission projects, and efforts to increase the export of renewable electricity technologies and services.


“The transition to clean energy is underway around the world, and it’s picking up speed. With 65 per cent renewable electricity, Canada is amongst the world leaders and we’re just scratching the surface of our potential. Now is the time to double-down and harness our incredible renewable electricity potential.” — John Gorman, President, Canadian Solar Industries Association

“Canada’s strategy for cutting carbon pollution and delivering clean growth is taking shape, and the formula is clear: waste less energy, maximize our use of renewable sources of electricity, and use electricity as the preferred source of energy to power everything from buildings to industry to transportation.” — Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association

 “Different sources of renewable electricity have different attributes that, when put together, can complement each other to ensure we have clean, reliable and affordable electricity across Canada.” — Elisa Obermann, Executive Director, Marine Renewables Canada

“Canada is a trading nation, and the renewable electricity sector can step up its contribution to clean growth. From exporting clean electricity to the United States, to sharing our technologies and know-how with countries around the world, we can compete in the fast-growing global market for clean energy solutions.” — Jacob Irving, President, Canadian Hydropower Association


  • Renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, and water currently meet 65 percent of Canada’s electricity needs.
  • Canada has the cleanest, most renewable electricity generation system in the G7, and the fourth largest renewable energy capacity in the world.
  • The federal government’s recently released Mid-Century Long-Term Low-Greenhouse Gas Development includes, as “building blocks,” increased electrification of all end-use application that currently rely on fossil fuels, continued decarbonization of the electricity sector, and increased interprovincial and intercontinental cooperation on electricity.

Ce communiqué est aussi disponible en français.


To arrange interviews, please contact Dan Woynillowicz at 250-551-2072 or


Established in 2015, the Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity is a non-partisan organization that allows Canada’s leading national renewable electricity industry associations to collaborate, educate and pursue common opportunities as a solutions provider to the critical challenge of decarbonizing the North American energy system while bolstering economic growth.

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Canada’s Marine Renewable Energy Supplier Database





The emergence of a global marine renewable energy industry presents new opportunities for Canadian businesses. Marine renewable energy projects require an extensive team of services and suppliers to support the lifecycle of a project. A range of skills, supplies and services are needed—including marine scientists and engineers, mechanical and electrical technicians, vessels, sensory instruments, divers, steel fabrication, manufacturing and supporting expertise such as insurance, legal, transportation, and financial services.  

Canada has a strong tradition in offshore, ocean, and energy industries, with many businesses well positioned to contribute to marine renewable energy development. By innovating and developing expertise through early projects and development activity, Canadian suppliers have an opportunity to develop solutions and provide the strategic approaches needed by the growing world market.

To support industry growth and connect Canadian suppliers with marine renewable energy development opportunities, Marine Renewables Canada launched a Supplier Database in November 2016. The database is designed as a tool to connect Canada’s expertise with wave, tidal, and river current energy development needs locally, nationally, and internationally.

The database will continue to be a work in progress, as it does not yet include all of the suppliers throughout Canada that could apply expertise and services to the marine renewable energy sector. Marine Renewables Canada will be focusing on continuous improvements to the database, helping to ensure increased visibility for suppliers across the country.

We invite all businesses and organizations with relevant capabilities to join this database and help us grow Canada’s marine renewable energy industry. (Please note that this is a database intended to host Canadian suppliers. Businesses and organizations who are interested in joining the database, must have a Canadian-based office.








Questions?  Please contact:
Scott Biggar

Tidal power playing a role in Canada’s transition to a clean-growth economy

November 22, 2016

capesharp-deploymentToday Cape Sharp Tidal announced that its recent deployment of a 2 MW tidal turbine at the Fundy Ocean Research Center (FORCE) in the Bay of Fundy is successfully delivering electricity to the Nova Scotia grid – a first for the tidal energy sector in Canada.

“This is a huge milestone for our marine renewable energy sector – demonstrating that tidal energy will play a role in Canada’s transition from fossil fuels to a low-carbon future,” says Marine Renewables Canada executive director, Elisa Obermann. “It comes at a time when our federal government is looking for solutions to achieve its climate change action goals. Tidal energy is now closer to being one of those solutions.”

This achievement comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement by the federal government to accelerate the transition from coal power to clean energy by 2030. Accomplishing this goal will require more renewable electricity for heat, transportation, and industrial needs. To support this transition, the federal government will use the new Canada Infrastructure Bank to invest in clean energy development and critical infrastructure.

“The federal government’s commitment to accelerate clean energy development and optimize the electricity system is a positive step that will support the future growth of Canada’s marine renewable energy sector,” says Obermann. “With untapped wave, tidal, and river current energy resources across the country, advances in technology, a growing supply chain, and a solid research foundation, the marine renewable energy sector is poised for action.”



BOARD DIRECTOR – Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE)






FORCE is Canada’s leading test centre for the safe development of in-stream tidal energy technology.

FORCE was created to explore the potential for this emerging clean  technology to play a role in Canada’s energy future.

FORCE provides the electrical infrastructure to deliver power to Nova Scotians, as well as research and environmental monitoring programs to help ensure activity at the Minas Passage test site is responsible and transparent.

FORCE is currently seeking to add a new Board Director to support its mission. The new Director will possess strong leadership experience and a track record of excellence in their field. They are a strong supporter of sustainable development and environmental management, and above all are interested in making a meaningful contribution to Nova Scotia’s clean energy future.

To learn more about FORCE, please visit:

If you are eager to share your knowledge and experience in support of this opportunity, please CLICK HERE to see the full posting or contact:

Amy Reid