2019 Annual Report

2019 was significant for the marine renewable energy sector in Canada – a comeback year in many ways with industry perseverance paying off. In Nova Scotia, we are seeing the most activity to date with new entrants and projects. cross the country there has been continued interest in marine renewable energy solutions for remote and coastal communities, which is well aligned with the motivation to displace the use of diesel. Along with domestic opportunity, Marine Renewables Canada’s members have also been actively pursuing and engaging in the international market – establishing partnerships and collaborations that will also benefit the growth of Canada’s sector.

VIDEO: Powering our future with tides, rivers, waves, and offshore wind

Marine renewable energy offers great potential for clean energy and economic development opportunities in Canada. We are excited to present this educational video about tidal, wave, river current, and offshore wind energy — all clean energy resources that are abundant in Canada. We hope that it provides you with insight on the technologies being used, benefits and challenges of developing these resources,  and activities underway.

Supply Chain Database

The emergence of a global marine renewable energy industry presents new opportunities Canadian businesses. Marine renewable energy projects require an extensive team of services and suppliers to support the lifecycle of a project. A range of skills, supplies and services are needed including marine scientists and engineers, mechanical and electrical technicians, vessels, sensory instruments, divers, steel fabrication, manufacturing and supporting expertise such as insurance, legal, transportation, and financial services.